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Dear Bet'r Bait makers,

I have recently taken on the responsibility of Pest Management Services at a local restaurant that is slated for opening in early June (there is currently no food in this facility). Prior to using Bet'r Bait, I used chocolate as an attractant on snap traps in the kitchen facilities, with very little results.

For the purpose of this exercise, I kept chocolate on half the traps, and put Bet'r Bait on the other half. Within 20 minutes of placing down the first trap containing the Bet'r Bait, the first mouse was caught. Ten more mice were caught in the same storage room in the next hour. All mice caught were on the ones baited with Bet'r Bait.

Since then, 12 more mice have been caught in the first three days of placing out the traps with Bet'r Bait. With all of the Bet'r Bait gone, no more mice have been caught in the last two days. Where do I get this product?

Bet'r Bait is a "must-have" in any Pest Management Services bait box!

David Evans
Halton Region Pest Control Inc.
Milton, Ontario

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Bet'r Bait is Better

We have always had mice in our garage as it isn't sealed tight. So, after reading an article in the local paper about Bet'r Bait, I decided to purchase some at a local store and give it a try.

That evening I told my husband he should bait the mouse traps with that new Bet'r Bait I bought. Bob baited all the mouse traps - four in total that evening and the next day at lunch, I made my rounds to check them all. Voila, sure enough, my furry little friend was caught. The easy-to-use syringe applicator meant I didn't have to find a popsicle stick with peanut butter or open a package of cheese slices for Bob to bait the traps.

Bet'r Bait was so quick and good that I contact the manufacturer to get a supply for my summer season. It's a good economical product and a must for every household/garage that has mice.

Lisa & Bob Craigie
Indian Head, SK.
Rave Reviews
Bet'r Bait is Better

Easy and clean! In less than a week, I had 15 mice - 11 in two days, haven't seen any since. Minimal contact with traps .... nice.

I was even able to sneak up to one without it noticing me because it was too busy eating the bait.


Regan Wagner
Regina, SK.